A https://soundcloud.com/jacquesrenault edit of a Ten City classic that we figured we’d share with all of you!


Music and featured items of ”Altered Music State” radio show hosted by taso dot K Date:10/4/2014

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1.Moodymann-Hangover(Moodymann remix)


2.Cliff Lothar-Murked out

3.Nils Penner-The thing

4.Nils Penner-Bubbles

5.Cliff Lothar-Tangaxuan II

6.Round table knights-morning delight

7.Fur Coat-Together

8.Andhim - Hausch (Original Mix)

9.Dont - Change Me (Original Mix)

10.Dubka - Deathwish (Original Mix)

11.JETS - Midas Touch (feat. Jamie Lidell) [Machinedrum version]

12.Urulu - Rest 

13.Decka Sound & Fortay-Hold up

14.Light Year-Come together

15.OL-Make things

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It is with great honor that I am able to give this away. A tribute to one of my heroes, Frankie Knuckles.

The relationship between Detroit and Chicago, for me, has always been about connection. Any kind of rivalry is secluded and irrelevant, in my opinion.

Chicago is approximately a 6 hour drive from Detroit, so, growing up we would frequent parties, back and forth. On any weekend in Detroit, we could meet people from Chicago who wanted to experience our small scene in Detroit.

Whereas Detroit had a much more distant, cold feeling while still trying to retain human elements, Chicago house music always appealed to me because it seemed like the softer, soulful version of Techno. I was drawn to the organ chords and the jacking indigenous rhythms of 808s. Growing up with Detroit radio, we were exposed to funk music and a lot of R&B. Some of the first records I bought were Change “Change of Heart” and Frankie Knuckles presents Jamie Principle “Your Love”, both artworks and music having very geometric, mechanical feeling, yet airbrushed and fun vibes.

Frankie Knuckles was the most pivotal figure in this movement, for me. The first time I had heard “Baby Wants To Ride”, it really moved me. The way the dot matrix synths moved in seemingly Euclidian patterns, the bounce and slight swing of that bass line, and the way the dissonant chords tied it all together. One listen and you can see where I drew all my inspiration from when making my tune from 2006, “Hot, Raw, Sex”. Let’s just say that record would have been a lot different without Frankie K.

“Tears”, “Rain Falls”, and “Your Love” among some of the best tracks I found on vinyl in Chicago. A few of them so popular you could find them at Salvation Army.

What else can I say about Frankie that hasn’t been said this week? With this track, we celebrate his life, his kindness, his love for music, his inspiration, his passion and all that he gave during his life.

Thank you Frankie,

Jimmy Edgar

Frankie Knuckles “Baby Wants to Ride” (Jimmy Edgar Edit)
Artwork by Pilar Zeta
Mastered by Naweed at Whitfield Mastering, London. (www.whitfieldmastering.com)

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Here’s the second disco edit I’m giving for free.
This time I’ve boosted this 1974 track by People’s Choice !

Much Love


Music and featured items of ”Altered Music State” radio show hosted by taso dot K Date:3/4/2014

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1.Plastic Plates-Nothing like you

2. RUFUS -Sundream( Claptone remix)

3.Adana Twins - Drive ft. Khan (Original Mix)

4. Bodhi - I Need You

5. Bodhi -WUH

6.Charlotte Gainsbourg -Paradisco_(D-Pulse_reimix)

7. Kidnap Kid-Like You Used To (Original mix)

8.Maya Jane Coles-Something In The Air (Bonobo Remix)

9.Miami Horror - Real Slow (Astro Zu remix)

10.PBR Streetgang - Achilles Original Mix

11.Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Flugel-Hachinoko


12.Disclosure -F For You (feat. Mary J. Blige) (Eats Everything Remix)

13.Nicholas - Body Drum Original Mix

14.Nicholas- Pressure

15.Jade Blue & Frequency - Lately (Vox Mix)

16.Kill Frenzy-Night away



19.Maceo Plex- Conjure Balearia

20.Maceo Plex- Conjure drama

21.Funkysteppz-Middle finger

22.Funkysteppz-Next episode

23.Trikk-Houx 93



25.Aden-Part of me

26.Kill Frenzy-Big breasted beauty

27.Jade Blue & Frequency - Lately (Vox Mix).

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