La.Ga.Sta.’s new “Late Summer” compilation Vol 4 is now available for free download.

Here’s the fourth installment of our “Late Summer” compilation series, featuring exclusive unreleased tracks, along with much-loved tunes available as a free download for the first time. The new compilation Vol 4 collects 15 tracks from some of our favorite artists that will not only transport you to your own dream beach, but will extend this summer to eternity. Everything we love about summer is here: delicious tropical-flavored tracks, road trips under the sun, silky smooth house tunes, cool drinks by the pool, gentle sea breezes caressing our faces, and dancing on the sand ’til dawn. You should know by now that summer on La.Ga.Sta. never ends. Ride with us.

Download it here ::

Shout out to all the artists and labels that contributed to the making of this compilation.

"Bother" is the first single from Les Sins debut album "Michael." Out Nov 4th.

Pre-order “Michael” here:

i finished all my sets with this track this summer. i thought it’s was now the good time to share it with you.

don’t forget my first residency on sept 13th w/ Busy P (ed banger), Bobmo (marble) and Coni (clekclekboom).





Being good to each other is so important, guys.

that went to a weird place

what the fuck

That went exactly where I thought it would

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free download of this old old edit I found on my computer of The Weeknd’s game changer from late 2010/early 2011.

for the late nights.

thanks to everyone that came out to the recent shows.

tickets to the Roundhouse show in LDN on oct 31st are here:


Steffi & Dexter - Warme Hap


A little edit i made around the sample Røyksopp used in their track “Eple”. Enjoy.

Just uploaded Auf Wiedersehen Sommer to Mixcloud. Listen now!

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